Danser sa vie

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Dance is a powerful impulse. This year Indus University brings a huge platform to showcase your versatility in dancing. So, tighten your shoes, dress yourself up and Hit the floor!


  1. All the versatile dance forms are welcomed in the competition such as Salsa, Jazz Funk, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Break, LockingPopping, Bollywood, Freestyle, Ballet, Bachata etc.
  2. There will be 3 different categories for judging: Solo, Duet and Group Dance.
  3. For Group Dancing maximum number of participants is 12 members. 3 or more than 3 participants will be considered as a group.
  4. No other member will be allowed on the stage.
  5. Withdrawal or any kind of changes in the team will not be allowed after auditions.
  6. Single tracks are not allowed so you are requested to perform a medley of at least 2 different songs for Final performance.(Auditions can be in single track).
  7. All the props necessary for performance are to be arranged by
    participants and the team, and would be solely responsible to collect all the props immediately after the performance.
  8. Track for final performances must be submitted 2 days prior to the performance to the event coordinators. Participants also have to bring their tracks in MP3/MP4 format in pen drives or CD. Kindly keep a backup of your track for technical casualties.
  9. Any kind of last moment changes in the track or performance will not be entertained.
  10. All the participants must reach the venue on given time for auditions and final performances both. Late entries will not be entertained.
  11. Typical Bollywood songs/Item Song/Inappropriate songs will not be allowed.
  12. Maximum time limit for audition track is 2 minutes and for group dance it is 3 minutes.
  13. So kindly prepare your track accordingly.
  14. English songs without any derogatory words are allowed.
  15. Participantsshould take care of their belonging. College will not be responsible for any damage
  16. If participants are called for rehearsals or any other issues it is compulsory for all the participants to be present.
Rhapsody Night
5:00 pm onwards

Event Detail

March 6, 2020 5:00 pm
Indus University


Gold Level